Fire of Heaven trilogy

Across The Face Of The World


When the trader Mahnum escapes the Destroyer’s prison, the Lords of Fear are sent in pursuit. Mahnum makes his way home to Loulea, but there he and his wife are captured. His sons, Leith and Hal, together with a small group of villagers, set off on a quest to free Mahnum and Indrett – without drawing the attention of the immortal Destroyer.

In The Earth Abides The Flame


Battered and buised, the Company enters the great city of Instruere. They have to warn the Council of Faltha of the Destroyer’s threat, but they have no idea of the depth of treachery that awaits them.

The Right Hand Of God


Thousands of people flock to Leith’s side to fight for Faltha in the coming battle. But Leith is finding it difficult to accept people’s faith in him. As the land darkens under the shadow of the impending battle, the Company must strive against self-doubt – for a great evil approaches.


Husk (Broken Man in USA and UK)


Path Of Revenge


Husk is the remnant of a once-powerful magician, defeated decades ago by the Undying Man. His body in ruins, he lies in the dungeon of Andratan, gnawing on dreams of a cold and bloody revenge. He nurtures three carefully selected pawns to aid him, but his victims are more resourceful than they first appear. A queen, a fisherman and a cosmographer travel across continents, endure wars and survive communion with the gods as they do his bidding.


Dark Heart


Noetos flees up the coast, pursued by powerful forces intent on his destruction at any cost. Meanwhile, Lenares senses something very wrong in the world. Trained to read the presence of the gods in the landscape, she can find no evidence of the Father…but how is it even possible that he could be dead? And Stella discovers that Husk’s plans are far more complex than any of them can imagine…


Beyond The Wall Of Time


The Gods are ravaging the world and Lenares has the power to stop them – if she can get her companions to believe her. Stella wonders if she can trust the potentially traitorous Undying Man, who offers to help, but has his own agenda. Noetos, seeking revenge for the deaths of his loved ones, is yet to realise his enemy is one of his companions. The fisherman, cosmographer and queen need to reach Andratan …only there will they break free of Husk’s malevolent control over them.

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