Russell Kirkpatrick is a multi-award winning New Zealand fantasy author. His debut novel, Across The Face Of The World, was the biggest-selling debut fantasy novel of 2008 in the USA. He has had two trilogies published: Fire Of Heaven and Husk (Broken Man in UK and USA). These books are published by Harper Voyager in Australia and New Zealand, and Orbit in the UK and USA.

He is at work on a new novel, Silent Sorrow, set in an entirely new world.

Russell works part-time as a lecturer in Geography at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. His specialty is cartography, particularly maps as social documents. He has published six major atlases, including the best-selling Contemporary Atlas New Zealand.

His latest publication was Walks To Waterfalls, a photography book published by David Bateman.

During the week Russell lives in Hamilton with his partner Kylie. On weekends he and Kylie drive five hours north to Kerikeri, where they own a 10-acre property with lovely gardens, native bush, a stream and… a waterfall (see above).


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