Novel Progress

Up at 6.30am stripping out and rebuilding a character. I wasn’t happy with his motivations for doing things, as he’s ended up not only unlovable but inconsistent. This will take a few days and has entailed a major shift in one crucial scene, where this character rather than someone else becomes the protagonist.

Interestingly I have just looked back at my earlier six novels. The names under which I saved them reveal how much revision I did: when I’m part way through the first draft the title is [novel a] 0.x, where x is the percentage in tenths I am through the draft. Each major redraft gets a new whole number, while minor revisions get increases of a tenth or a hundredth. So if I’m doing a complete major plot and character edit I change the name from [novel a] 1.34, say, to [novel a] 2.0. Much the same as software developers use the name to tell us the development status of the program.

So this is the last number for each of my novels (the number under which they were submitted for publication after all edits, including the publisher’s):

Across The Face Of The World 3.0

In The Earth Abides The Flame 2.0

The Right Hand Of God 2.0

Path Of Revenge 2.1

Dark Heart 1.3

Beyond The Wall Of Time 1.5.

And, by contrast, here’s the latest novel:

Silent Sorrow 8.55.

I estimate I’ve done more revision on this novel than I did for my fist six put together. I guess I’m coming to realise there’s a reason why big, complicated fantasies take so long to write.


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